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Announcement of WA Junior Maths Olympiad, 2024

Confirmed Dates: Tuesday 15 October and Saturday 19 October, 2024

Once again the WA Section of the Australian Mathematical Olympiads Committee is organising the WA Junior Mathematics Olympiad.

  • The goal of the competition is to identify the most gifted students in Mathematics. It is intended to be accessible to all bright Year 8 and 9 students and exceptional Year 7 students.
  • It is a WA school competition with teams of four students competing for their school.
  • There will be a charge of $10 per student.
  • Team nominations, the names of accompanying teachers and the registration fee should be sent to arrive before Thursday, 10 October, 2024.

Competition Details 2024

WAJO 2024 will consist of two question papers – the individual paper and the team paper – (as usual). Like last year the papers will take place over two days.

  • The Individual Paper will be sat online by students at their school on Tuesday 15 October starting between 2:30pm and 4pm. Students will have 100 minutes to complete the paper.
  • The Team Paper will be sat on Saturday 19 October. Registration is at 9am. The paper follows with duration 50 minutes. The Prize Ceremony concludes at 12:30pm. There are two venues:
    Perth: UWA, in the Arts Building centred around Alexander Lecture Theatre (Search for: Alex).
    Bunbury: venue is yet to be confirmed.

Special conditions (as usual): Pens, pencils, ruler and compass are allowed. No calculators. Brains only.

Prize Ceremony 2024

The Prize Ceremony will be held at UWA campus, approximately an hour after the conclusion of the team paper on Saturday 19 October,
in the Social Sciences Lecture Theatre (Search for: Social Sciences L), from approximately 11:30am to 12:30pm.

How to enter

Email us if your school intends to participate.

This year students may sit the individual paper only, on Tuesday 15 October, or they may sit both the individual paper and the team paper. It is not possible to only sit the team paper. Also, students sitting the team paper must do so, in the team they were registered in, prior to sitting the individual paper.

A completed registration form with names of the participating students and accompanying teachers can be submitted via email. Bank details will be provided for payment of the registration fees upon receipt of the form.

WAJO Participants list

There is a wajo-participants email list. Schools who were on the list last year (in particular, those who emailed their registration last year) are already on it, and will have received notification of WAJO already via this list. Follow the link to join (or be removed from) the list. Note the wajo-participants list is moderated (so you will not receive spam via the list) and membership of the list is hidden. Please consider adding a contact email address for your school if you are not already on this list, and help us to keep you better informed about WAJO.

Payment details

We prefer electronic payment. (You should have bank details from our response on receiving your registration form; Email us if you mislaid them.) If electronic payment is not an option, please send a cheque of $8 per student with your registration form. The cheque should be made out to the WA Mathematical Olympiads Committee and sent to:

The WA Mathematical Olympiads Committee
School of Mathematics and Statistics
The University of Western Australia
35 Stirling Highway
Crawley, WA 6009

If you need it, there's a Statement by a Supplier in the name of the WA Mathematical Olympiads Committee in order to organise your payment:

Adobe Portable Document Format

Statement by a Supplier

Updated 14 Oct 2022 02:09
Size: 300.3 kb

The problems and solutions of previous WAJOs are available here. For more information, you may contact the WA Mathematical Olympiads Committee at the following email address:

[email protected]

Dr Alice Devillers (UWA), Chair of the Organising Committee, WA Junior Mathematics Olympiad
Dr Greg Gamble, Director, WA Mathematical Olympiads Committee



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