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Western Australian Junior Mathematics Olympiad (WAJO)

This page is maintained by the Western Australian Mathematical Olympiads Committee:
Dr Greg Gamble (Director, Curtin University), Prof. Michael Giudici (Chair, Organising C'tee, UWA),
Prof. Cheryl Praeger (UWA), Dr Alice Devillers (UWA),
Dr Miccal Matthews (UWA), Adjunct A/Prof. Phill Schultz (UWA),
A/Prof. Jamie Simpson (Curtin Univ.), Dr Elena Stoyanova (School Curriculum & Standards Authority),
Mr Mark White (Perth Modern School), Ms Monique Ellement (All Saints' College).

Announcement of the WA Junior Maths Olympiad (WAJO), 2020:

  • Confirmed Date: Saturday, 24 October, 2020 from 8:30am to 2:00pm.
  • Where: Alexander Lecture Theatre (near Hackett Entrance No. 1, see campus map - click on: Index, then select: Parking, then select: Car park 3, click on: Link to this location, and blow up the map using + at left. The venues for the 2020 WAJO are likely to be Alexander, Murdoch, Fox and Austin LTs which all lie around Patricia Crawford Court (just above the balloon you will see), the place where the initial team registration will take place.
  • Bring: Pens, pencils, and if you wish, ruler and compass.
  • Special conditions: No calculators. Brains only.
  • Prize Ceremony: Social Sciences Lecture Theatre, near Hackett Entrance No. 1, from 1:00pm; see campus map - in SEARCH enter: Social Sciences L. Several balloons will then highlight the location below a grey area which is Car park 3, a good place to park.

From 2015 to 2018, we ran the competition simultaneously out of 3 centres: Perth, Bunbury and Karratha. In 2019, it ran in the centres Perth and Bunbury.

WAJO 2019 is now over. It will run again at a similar day and time in 2020, (as announced above). Certificates together with Team Results, for the 2019 WAJO, were mostly prepared on Tuesday 3 December, and were mailed on Wednesday 4 December, with a small number having been prepared and sent earlier.

Questions and Solutions for the 2019 WAJO are now available.

Thank you to everyone who assisted and participated, in the WA Junior Maths Olympiad, held on 26 October, 2019, and helped to make it the success it was.

The competition is targeted at the Year 9 Level, and is open to Year 9 (and younger) Students. There are Year 9 and Year 8 Prizes awarded.
There's a Statement by a Supplier in the name of the WA Mathematical Olympiads Committee should you need it when organising payment for your registrations:

Note. We do not charge copyright for any materials on this site, when used for educational purposes. All we ask is that you acknowledge their source: WAJO (Western Australian Junior mathematics Olympiad).

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Past WA Junior Maths Olympiads (including Questions and Solutions)

Major Prizes (named for sponsors)

Other sponsors

There are prizes for second and third best in each of the first four categories, and also many merit prizes.

Though not related to the WAJO, the Phill Schultz Prize and the occasional Special WA Mathematical Olympiads Committee Award are awarded at the Presentation Ceremony at the closing of the WAJO.

Contact us ...

We have set up a WAJO participants list. You may subscribe for your school by entering your details at here.

The WAJO participants list is a moderated list to eliminate spamming. Its intended use is to disseminate announcements directly to Heads of School Mathematics Departments (in particular) or others who will be interested in or involved in the organising of school teams for the WA Junior Maths Olympiad. It is expected that email to this list will be limited to the couple of months before each olympiad.



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